Emily Weld Collins designs are created to serve as talismans and amulets, modern interpretations of historical jewelry styles and long-forgotten ancient coins.

EWC founder Emily Collins grew up in Bermuda, an island long a subject of Western folklore. The triangles seen throughout Emily’s collections are a nod to the myth of the Bermuda Triangle and its allure as a mystery which we seek to make sense of and assign meaning to. This quest to understand the world around us is at the root of all mythology, and hints of the lore imagined by ancient cultures are seen throughout the EWC collections.

Emily attended a small boarding school in New England and would visit antique shops in the area, sifting through bins of jewelry and collecting relics of heavy gold-colored fashion jewelry. It was there that she recognized jewelry’s ability to serve as a piece of wearable history. After college, Emily moved to New York City and began taking metalsmithing classes, where she learned about the construction of jewelry and classic goldsmithing techniques. Following her experience in New York’s jewelry industry, learning stories of her grandfather’s penchant for collecting loose gemstones in his travels drove Emily to earn her Graduate Gemologist degree at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Emily’s background in metalsmithing and her Graduate Gemologist degree have solidified her love of heavy gold, the jewelry styles of antiquity, and the unique natural gemstones found throughout her collections. Emily Weld Collins pieces are made of 18k gold or platinum to ensure the permanence of the jewelry, so each piece can become a treasured heirloom passed down through generations with its own unique story to tell.